In sight
That continuous laughter raging pain
Anger and emotions I never knew existed
Consorting her, sounding happy
Knowing how I feel yet showing no compassion
The infliction’s penetrating deep in me
Like the roots of the love I thought would last

Hurting: it’s a lovely picture written by you for her
I turn blinking away the tears,
Thoughts invading my mind
Well again I’m just an option, a stand-in
Temporal adjustment

Yet again, congested between us are fights
Thinking we’d cease, here I knew I would construct a coronary disease;
You deluded me quite well and I believed I was in the wrong
That it was my fault
What I believed left me in disdain

We are being jolted apart
Your friends are saying it’s my fault
Tired of taking the blame;
Considering your uncanny tendency of making me angry and happy at the same time
I just can’t understand why…
Why you are sedate and then zest in sudden
Guess I never will
Because I’m leaving you