I am the Child of God
The daughter of a king
I am the sun of the universe
God is my helper, protector, salvation, hope, light, strength, defender, leader
God is not moved by the world
He is not of the world and I am also not of the world

God is with me and goes before me
He stands beside me and walks behind me
I believe in him not because I was told to,
but because I have experienced his goodness and mercy myself.

I am highly blessed
Loved everlastingly even on my worst days
He still listens and cares about me
I am not ashamed to call him my God
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
KE NA LE MODISA, KE TLA BE KE HLOKANG? (I have God, what else will I need?)

I am beautiful in my own way
God created me in his image and made no mistakes
I am unique
Before he made me, he knew me and there is no one like me
I am perfect in my imperfection
God knows that I am learning
I am trying
I am a work in progress to become all that he created me to be

I don’t know where I would have been without him
There is no one like Him
I Thank God for always being with me even when I disappointed him
He stayed and raised me up and believed that I can do better.