Lonely and lost hope
Love drained me
Love drained my emotions

I lost my power and gained pain
Pale, my skin is
Tears, my pillow becomes
wet every night
Only it knows my pain
Pain that love has brought

I was deeply in love before I was hurt
Love deceived me

Before I fell in love,
happiness was my name
Love seemed to be sweet
Until I tasted it’s bitterness

Love seemed to be beautiful
but I fell for the wrong person
The wrong person left
bruises on my heart

It is hard to recover
Difficult to regain my power
and heal this broken heart
Because I have fallen in love
and everything that falls breaks

My heart is broken
As fragile as it is

I’m told to take time and heal
Healing the bruises on my heart
How will I heal?

I took love and made it my first priority,
and my day-to-day life reflected it
Now it is the thing that broke me

Trusting is hard
I am slowly losing myself
The one thing that was supposed
to show me direction deceived me

Love left bruises on my heart