Memory has turned to dust
Fortunately the mind has burst
Body has changed
Everything is rearranged
Lost in the broken room of my society
Still I see no variety

Iā€™m broken!
Iā€™m broken into tears
Nobody seems to feel my fears
Thinking of suicidal notes
All these scary words
Everything, anything I would do

Ever since I dreamt
The dream I felt
All seem to fall down
I see, I see no crown
I saw it in the dream
But it was hard to be hold in reality

Different ways to achieve
But I choose this lost dream
But I choose this broken mind
Furiously, I dwell in this dream
Not that Iā€™m stupid!
Just because I pick to be strong

My visual told me to be real
To stay positive
Relate to my relative
My dream of harmony
My dream of success
A broken dream
My broken dream
I shall breathe!