Why is sorrow overheating my heart?
My heart has become lonely.
My mouth utters pain.
How can I thrive in this life?

I was born bound by chains of tears and headaches.
I could never love anything in this world.
I had never been taught how to love, from birth.
I was constrained by the miseries and anguishes of this life.

No one can stop the tears I shed every night, when I’m on my bed.
Could anyone know the thoughts of my heart?
Do people that can put me out of my hopeless situation exist?
I commit suicide every day in my sleep,

But find myself awake every morning.

Black bird, your mother was lonely.
And I was a cheap and unwanted trash.
They say, love is beautiful and everything,

And it holds nothing back.
But I am bounded by the chains of poverty and illiterateness.

When nothing goes well,

I try to sing.

But words never come out.
I scream louder than anything,

But the sound is supressed in my body.
All I have seen and still see is the cruelty that has blinded my mind.
It has become a lordship of my life.

Black bird, you cannot fly.
Black bird, there is no hope for you.
Black bird, the voice inside has kept you a prisoner.
Black bird, you are the slave of your own doing.