I’m from a place of confusion
A place where she was religious and she was cultured
He believed in God and she believed in ancestors
But they shared the same dream only called on different forces for help

I’m from a place where he was passionate about God
And she believed in ancestors
Where with every action, there was a reaction
If you do good, good comes back to you
If you do bad, bad comes back to you.
Similar beliefs, just different higher powers

I’m from a place of faith
Both belief systems relying on your faith
Where you can believe in both without disrespecting the other
Where introspection is needed for you to figure out your own path

I’m from a place where society chooses many people’s paths
People don’t want to be judged
So they pick a path they feel less judged
Where people read one scripture and interpret it in a way that best suits them

I’m from a place where I was raised a Catholic
But given the gift of ‘ubungoma’
I am a Christian who does not put anyone or ‘thing’ above God
I am a Zulu girl who is a sangoma and acknowledges those who came before her
I am a Zulu girl who believes both entities communicate to us
And through us every second of the day
I am a believer in both powers

He is from the farmland of Bulwer and she is from the township of Umlazi

And me, a religious Zulu girl, I’m from a place called Queensburgh