It was a blanket-demanding
That night was. I had never
Before in my time for whatever
Reason, let anything close
Enough to hurt me. But damn
I could make them collide
Within a portion of tick

This night, I was astonished
By the colours on this surface,
It was heart purifying, sugar
Coated melody. I could literally
Feel my chest banging for attention.
I was swept away .

This night felt like it was
Forever, I never wanted to
Wake up. Yes there were
Close calls but clinging
Was I to my dream. Blinkered was
My sight from the earthly as I felt
Like I was in the heavens.

Unfortunately like all the
other dreams, this one too
Had to end as dawn had reigned
His time till the very last
Second. She had to wake me up
From my dream of years.

She left scars that no doctor
Can ever cure. I was torn apart
But my god helped me all the way
To the bathroom sink as I slowly
Washed my face, refreshing for
The new day.

I went back to my bedroom and
Opened the barrier curtains.
All I can see is a new day.
Tonight I don’t want to dream
I just want a peaceful sleep.