Better days are coming they said to us,
We stood outside our windows waiting for them ,
We asked if those better days were near…they kept on promising.
The prominence in our youth was more important than the promises made to empower us.

We stood and waited for those so called better days,
I want nothing more than the lord by my side…
Oh hear me out before you think I blab,
I do no such cause I’d waste your time.
Time is of the essence but hope is of the faith.
Come my child they say to me, come see the sun behind the cloud ,
But all I see is the slight light of it shining through.
I want to see the sun, not the cloud that blocks it’s shine.
I want to see the stars not the clouds that hide the beautiful sight before me.

I took a stand but was shunned for my bravery
I asked them all in all,
Is it because I seek better hope,
Do you not feel shame that you stood there while someone tried to make a change?
Do you not feel cowardice that I told you all along and you pushed me aside.
Do you not feel ashamed that for once I was right and you were wrong.
But you took that as a sign as a flout to your authority.
How dare you?
How dare you accuse me of such!

When all I wanted was the better of the youth,
Huh; how dare you?
You stand and point a finger to me when I want to stand tall,
You show no shame, no remorse
And yet you smile so bright like the sun that comes out from behind the clouds.
Go back in hiding! Go back I tell you,
I want nothing of your false confidence…I tell you,

You see a ticket of clout on me,
But you loom around like the threatening cloud – be gone!
Be gone, for I have new hope.
I need not your false ray of light…for I have better hope