The sun is not far from setting
When I look upon the sky,
Bluish sky greyish clouds
Covering the smiling sun.
My face shedding tears.

What makes me cry is that,
You’re mountains faraway from me,
It breaks my heart that I can’t see you.
Baby, how am supposed to live without you?

Each and every time I close my eyes,
Face filled with heavy tears like a storm
My mind keeps bringing your picture,
Your smile, scent.

I wish I could go beyond all odds
Just to grab you wherever you are
Hold you harshly,
Scream out loud that I found you.

Why am I supposed to miss you like this?
Is it a punishment?
Bottles are all filled with my tears.
Baby, why are you far away?
Why can’t I get a smile on my face?
I’ve tried to fake smile but I didn’t make it
Because I miss you.

Baby, come back to me.
Baby, please, I wanna be happy too.