Well, I fell in love with you
and it was unplanned…
Your eyes drew me nearer
as if to feel your touch from a distance.

Like arms swerving from side to side
a gentle groove to your heart’s tune
In a room full of people,
I don’t see them for time has frozen.

The rhythm and trombone sounds
of your heartbeat
is a delight to my soul
for you touch me from across the room
like a breeze of fresh air
being breathed in by my spirit.

Your smile, ohh your smile
is a kiss of a sun reviving
every single cell in my body
A rosy feeling as my skin embraces
the kisses and soft touches of your stare
like light feathers from tree branches of Life.

The sound of your voice is like refreshing waters
splashing against my feet
as if to remind me that God is alive
and shall quench my thirst and wash away doubt.

But we both know I was never Yours
and You were Never mine
So let the rain come
Let it wash away any imprinted desires

I love you…from a Distance