Just like “honouring your parents”, is a command from God
He won’t ever change it, or erase it out of His Word
No matter how absent, abusive or dysfunctional some may be
But…Parents provoking their children, is also not to be taken lightly

Provocation means action, that causes resentment,
First Rebekah, then Jacob caused such discontentment,
When they favoured one child, over another,
One form of provocation by a mother, then a father.

Prohibiting provocation, follows… “honouring your parents”,
As God in His wisdom saw how negligent and careless,
Some parents will become, in these last days and not see
That provoking your children produces angry human beings

When asking angry children what causes provocation,
The list will be endless but it’s all in relation,
To either absence or abuse, or some form of neglect,
By the very same parents, who demand their respect.

It’s not easy to teach, such a child, about Our Father,
How His love even exceeds, that of a mother,
Who bore that child, in her womb, for nine months, and forgets
That parenting is a gift, not to resent or regret

What else provokes a child, to such anger and emotions,
Not taking the time or even, having the notion,
Of who they really are, as your child, your own flesh,
What drives them, their likes, dislikes or when they’re doing their best.

Another big one for God, is when sparing the rod,
Spoiling our children, is one thing, He supports not,
He commands discipline, and training In His Word,
So when things get too much, they will call upon the Lord

Why do parents provoke, their children we wonder,
Until we become parents, the blame’s not set asunder,
Generational curses and habits need to break,
Parents you need to let it go, for your children’s sake

“Our children raise us”, is a funny way of looking inward,
But hearing and listening to them, is the only way forward
We should still take the reins, we are parents, more than friends
We should co-parent with God, that is still the best trend

Provoking our children brings forth, adults that repeat
The negatives and punishment, that ever only cheat
Our children of becoming, productive adults, who will learn
Saying, although my parents weren’t perfect, honouring them, that, they have earned.