Before I met you,
I thought I knew love,
I guess I was wrong,
You are the love I need,
You are the person I need,
Love is about being there for each other,
You are not just there,
You are in my life

You came along,
All my problems disappeared,
You started by being my friend,
But now you are my girlfriend,
I know our first meeting wasn’t romantic,
I was also a problematic problem you had,
That was when I thought we were playing,
You have proven me wrong,
You have knocked on my door,
Just to show me love,
Along came love and
Along came you

People always talk
That I’m not good for you,
But they don’t see
How you bring out the best in me,
How you have changed me,
How I’m driven about your love,
You came with light to my life,
Now it’s much brighter than before,
You came along,
Love came along too