I have been in relationships,
Relationships I once thought were real,
When reality struck in my world,
I realised I was just fooling myself

I was lured in the world of love,
The world that was not meant for me by then,
I was just a teenager,
Thatโ€™s why I became a victim,

Many pretended to love me,
Many pretended to care for me,
Many pretended to adore me,
Many made me believe they were worth it,
But I was nothing to all of them

I have walked a very long journey,
A journey to find myself,
A journey to search my heart,
A journey to restore my life, but most importantly,
A journey to find my happiness again

I am a child of God,
A woman of worth,
A vessel of honour,
A living testimony,
A lady who deserves the best

Even though I have been hurt,
I still believe in love,
I still believe there is a heart out there,
A heart which is meant for my heart,
I still have hope that love will find me

My husband, my heart, my beat, my smile,
A man who fears the Lord,
A man who will understand me,
A man who will mentor me,
A man who will love me unconditionally

I know we have not yet met,
But I know you always pray for me,
I am also praying that one day we meet and live happily ever after