Wake up,
Take a step,
It’s never too late,
Breathe your smile,
You are hope,
Never let them dig you a hole,
You still have a role,
Take a ride,
Make them give you ululations,
You are Africa’s pride,
Never hesitate to name your price,
Unlock your perseverance,
Time is your weakness,
Tie your shoes,
Your footsteps will count,
Let not sunlight cast you out,
Make a wish,
Tomorrow you might rise,
Be like a rose,
Fear not to kiss the sun,
Dear child,
Journey needs sage,
Make honey your wage,
Forget about money,
Your heart is born rich,
Your melanin is your note,
Never forsake your soil,
Be not sorry for who you are,
You were born to burn,
Forget not your flame,
You are the fire,
Be a believer,
Your thoughts are your river,
Someday you’ll rain.