A pale white paper with blue horizontal lines,
As pale as linen curtains.
Margins pretty-pink vertically measured.
I scribbled, unscrambled a puzzle,
Thoughts, an impulse, a paradise, exultation.
My internal secretion started transmitting a rush of adrenalin,
As the rapture of imaginations hurried in my brain,
My free spirit wanted to explore more,
The high-paced feeling gave me goosebumps and more,
My heart beat drummed detailed utopia.

Adrenalin run down, it’s a pun,
Adrenalin do not slow down or shiver I’m a leader,
Less perdition, desolation and affliction,
Let me show more expression, satisfaction and stimulation.

Adrenalin a blazing-bliss of delightful-blues,
Adrenalin an ecstasy as fast as an electrical light fuse,
Adrenalin a rush, adrenalin a whole-hearted push.
Adrenalin a moment, adrenalin a memory not to flush.