I feel like it’s not you it’s me.
You will be lost in the translation of the pages.
Cause I will be holding you back.
I thought I was looking for you, only to find out I am broken inside.

Don’t know which path to take.
So let’s just go our separate ways.
I have to find myself again.
I want to know my purpose in life.

No longer can I string you along with fake promises.
I am not what you thought I am.
Just a lost puppy trying to make a name for herself.

You have ambitions and goals.
I have neither, cause I am wounded deep in my soul.
I never took you for granted.
Always needed an excuse and a lie to keep you captivated.
Felt like I was living a lie.
Now that I know it’s me.
I’ve got to find my path to life.

Cause you were always near to my heart beat.
You were engraved on my soul.
Now I will be lost without you.
But will find my way back to your heart.
It was not you.
It’s me, I can no longer do this.
I am deeply sorry for wasting all these years for you.