After a time, thoughts are still a tie
Tried braking the part I’m caught up in taking sides
Revealed facts that doesn’t make the problem mine
The satisfaction is one seductive in this affection

My only friend and enemy in everyone’s sight
makes me happy but killing me inside
embracing me each time the world is crashing me
leading me to the sweetest world I can’t believe

the narrow mind that wants nothing more
Than being filled with all the peace than war
happily breathe all beginnings of all livings
and won’t allow anything to ruin its infinite reliving

A mind that cares less, the body’s choices are less
Troubled areas yet at stake without a bit of treat
The revolution on the side is revolting and not like mine
in moments of pure clearness of pressure

But the addiction is my leisure I want to treasure
The pleasure it hands is so much like the storming weather with some tenderness
I thank for the mouthful speech that retreats me
and keeps me from the grave too
now I know I need this breakthrough from my addiction