Due to COVID I kept my distance from you
While I thought your new job was stressful
Gave you much more than space to fix yourself
How could you do this to me?

I sacrificed my time to keep you happy.
When you lost your loved ones I was there with you.
When people insulted you and said you were worthless
I was there defending your honour.
Apparently the worthless one in your eyes was me.

You spoke in riddles and you said it like a joke.
But those were loopholes that needed to be filled.
While I was planning our engagement
And to celebrate our two year anniversary
You were celebrating a year relationship with someone else.

The liver you had to visit me
And keep getting butterflies in your stomach.
They were all a smoke flame to get me out of the way.
Finally someone confirmed it that every time you came home
You always had someone by your side.
You even said he was the last love of your life.

So what was I to you?
A fall-out guy.
Someone that was to be there for you in your dark days.
I applaud you for taking me for a ride.
You don’t have remorse
You kept calling me and making plans with me.
You don’t know that all your cheating schemes
Have come to the limelight.

I even introduced you to my circle lately.
You were even excited to meet them.
But geez I was a damn fool.
You made me weak as a clown
Finally now that I know the truth.

I decided to drink all night.
But alcohol couldn’t make me drunk.
I feel anxiety taking over
I remember everything and
How awkward suddenly you were acting.
I can’t sleep and something inside me is eating me alive.

Thinking about all the girls I turned down.
Thinking about the opportunity I let pass by
So that I could support and show you love.
You don’t have even an ounce of mercy
To tell me it’s over and that you have moved on.
You keep coming back to me.

What is it that you want?
You said you always have to have options available.
Well since you don’t want to meet me
Let me write this letter and make sure since I am your option.
I am not going to confuse you any more

By letting you visit me ever again.
I don’t want to be your friend
Let alone to fix whatever you called
What was happening between us.
I have never felt so hopeless.
Don’t know whether to run or cry.

You stole my time.
You wasted my dreams.
You made me a laughing clown to your friends.
You made me a puppy in your family.

I used to read about it on social media.
That being cheated on by someone
You love more than life
Can make you lose weight in seconds.
Here I have become a testimony to it.
Life has no regrets.
Time waits for no one.

I regret that I cannot get you out of my mind.
Your face lingers in my mind.
You played me like a prepared soup, Oprah.
I can’t get out of bed.

When I look at the guy in your pictures
I only pity you.
Because you will never get a love back from me
Even a second chance.
It’s over between us.

Although the heart doesn’t want to accept
I made up my mind
To start again and find someone
That will mend this broken man.
So that I can start to love again.