Does it know why it runs in a competition?
Does it run because of whips and pains?
This is how it all started,
Your fortunes changed,
Because people hurt others.
You moved out of the ghetto,
And bought yourself a flash jalopy,
You attracted new flamboyant friends,
And you were living it up,
In the affluent,
The suburb of your hood.
The love and praises,
You got from your new found,
Exuberant circle of buddies,
Was overwhelming,
It seemed genuine,
And you accept it as such,
You saw less,
And less of the buddies you knew,
When you were not a social high flyer.
They began to feel uncomfortable visiting you,
Because of the stare-downs,
They got from your buoyant friends,
You may not have encouraged it,
But you never discourage it,
When they poked fun at you.