Sing me a serenade
A slow haunting tune
Like golden elastic honey
Decanting into the love-thirsty inner chambers of my soul
A melody, feeling mellow fresh and wet in the ear
Like the silk of a tasselled mealie
Warm, passionate and gentle like udder of a lactating cow
Sweet and dulcet, like the chirrup of a wee bird on hedge
Serene and flowing like pellucid running water of a perennial river
Like a grasshopper shinning the drooping heavy-dewed grass stem
A tune, moving slow and hesitantly like a chameleon
Like calm mature rain pattering on the arid ground of my heart
Sing me a serenade
So calm and sedate like the cooing of a dove
So neurotic and lugubrious like the hooting of an owl
Not so barbaric and brutal like the cheeping of a sparrow
Not like the snarl of thunder that punchers my eardrums
Sing me a song
Lachrymose to the soul, not to the eyes
Wholeheartedly and blissfully like the shrill thrill of a nocturnal insect
A song that massages the muscles of my soul with strong kneading fingers of love
Emotion-charged and rippling with tears
Strum your guitar with passionate deft fingers
Blow your flute with zestful power
Beat your drum till all mountains and caves echo in response
Pluck your mbira till your fingers blister and bleed
Let the emotion in your song call forth my tears as you yodel
Let the lyrics of your song exhume the long-interred dormant forgotten fossils
Of the memories of your yesterday
Excavate the affliction, yokes, dead looks and sorrow the matchet of our love have sounded for years
Sing me a lazy tarrying tune
Like honey trickling into the inner ear as though tenderly nudged by the lingering pulses of faraway drums
Let’s relive the happy days in the song
Till searing flash of white hot flame touches our souls
Sing me a tearful emotional sentimental heat-licking song
Till our love perches on its highest zenith
Oh sing me a love song
Let your words drop lice rain
Oh let you voice distil like dew
Oh sing me a serenade