A rose among thorns,
You look so pristine.
You deserve to dine on prawns.
You and I, we are strong and close
Your beauty fits me like Manuel Neuers gloves.

I promise that our love will work like a charm,
I swear that I will work hard.
I want us to fit like a pestle and mortar.
Your beauty is so tantalizing,
Your beauty is so transfixing.

I swear to treat you gingerly,
It’s going to be me and you; against all odds.
Your beauty makes me huff and puff,
And I forget my gloom and doom.
Your beauty is so alluring.

My poor heart shrieks whenever your splendorous soul passes through my imagination.
Your beauty is pernicious to me!
It also makes me wobbly.
I may be tattered, but please give me your love.
Your beauty is infectious as leprosy.

All my ventricles and atriums are squeaky clean,
Your beauty warms the cockles of my heart,
I feel pure mathematics and chemistry between us.