Life is a never ending story
We battle to stay alive and ask ourselves
If it is all worth it
We go through all these afflictions, tribulations and distress,
But for what really?

It doesn’t make any sense,
Do things ever get better?
Murder, rape, brutality, incidents that happen everyday
We strive to survive yet never really know why,
Maybe it is because life is really all about sustaining oneself and pulling through.
We battle to see the next day, yet when the
First ray of sunlight appears all we do is get grey.

Suffering but still, for some reason, persevering.
Feutuses blocking toilets, fathers helping themselves with their baby girls,
Brothers killing each other, blood filling our seas, murder filling our veins,
Cruelty all around us, pain in our hearts, but we still
Keep on keeping on, we still hold on to the unknown.
That is called being brave, that is the only word I can use to
Describe man kind…Courageous.

But will being brave ever get us any tranquility?
Any lightheartedness?
Any uniformity?

We never really know!
A never ending story!