You gave birth to me,
you took care of me from birth till today,
even with my flaws you still took care of me,
when I was weak you were my strength,
when I needed a shoulder to lean on you were forever available.

Even when our father died you never gave up,
when I lost my path you were my GPS navigator,
you navigated me back into my correct path,
whenever problems raised you faced them with prayer,
you are the mother I could never replace.

Today Iā€™m a man
today I know between wrong and right,
I learned that from you.
You are both my mother and father,
you are an irreplaceable person in my life

There is no woman that can take your place,
my children would be grateful to have a granny like you.
My wife would be grateful to have a mother-in-law like you,
this is my message to you mom,
this is a message to my mother