Through it all, my faith will never be shaken
Tears may tremble down my face
With deep cuts and wounds of the inner being
Hearts smashed, cracked like a broken glass thrown on the floor
My faith will never be shaken

Ngizobekezela, kunzima kubuhlungu.
Thixo uzohlala esithanda.

Brother, you left me broken
Unexpected due date of your breath has departed without any notification or reminder
Dearest cousin, we are crushed into pieces, broken, and wounded

For as the book of Matthew 6:10 reminds us:
“Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”
Your date was set in heaven and so it was on earth
05 May 2018
Lord, we don’t blame You
We don’t doubt Your path
For we shall follow Your footsteps as You lead us

Thank you for the soul that was lent to us

Oh Nkosi yam
I would be lying if I said I don’t know what pain is
Indeed the best flowers are picked first
The wound is deep
Great memories we have with you, we are thankful
Now rest son, brother, cousin, father,
Your family will love you and on your behalf, take care of your son

Rest in peace Thabang ‘Bhova’ ‘Masurvivor’ ‘T-man’ Mokgwajane