My sweetheart, a lover that had my back at all times.
I would yell, cry and break things… wishing for you to leave me alone
There was also much anger and shattering of self-esteem
I felt weak, no one wanted to be part of my team
Even though I didn’t fit in with my peers, I learned to care for myself
Would I have matured to this point if not for depression?

I’ve been hiding in a dark hole for years, not feeling the warmth of a happy life’s bright glow
Sad, lost and unwanted… I found a way to humility
The wounds inside started to heal the moment I admitted they were there
Stressed about where my life was going, I had to sit with my demons
Depression led me to solace, a sense of contentment
Have I lost my senses, is there anything good to gain from depression?

I’m happy with how far I’ve come, now I can bravely smile
I couldn’t be prouder of myself, to have conquered depression
And held onto every lesson I learned throughout moral devastation
We all deserve to be happy, but I have learned to love the sad feeling
Why are we afraid to praise the things that hurt us most?