Dear Mama
Since I was a boy, I wished to
Bring you joy. Mama I wanted
To make you happy, you taught
Me respect. Since I was a sperm
To my dad, I held a brave heart
To conquer.

That is why I took the spot to
Digest your ovum mama. I located
There for nine months still
Maturing my heirness.

Dear mama, here I write this
Poem to thank you. For giving
Me that chance to survive.
Many mamas out there who
Did abortions to their first
Pregnancy. But you kept me
Within because of the love you
Have. You the best mama to
The world.

From the age of 9, you rose your
Hands to taught me. You took me
Within so could grow with maturity
You taught me good lessons, you
Told me about God. That is why I
Grew with that wisdom to fear Him.

You the real mom I should lean on.
Mommy at this point of time as you
Grown older there are some changes
You have undergone, sometimes you
Make mistakes.

But I understand because that care
You’ve shown me it completes my
Heart and I will always be right
Here for you Till I make you happy!