I have dumped my dreams
Cheated my goals
Lost my enthusiasm of life
Because of the clatter I caused
I failed to pass on a diminutive beam
I didn’t count all my falls
That can tell a story
Of my syndicational lies
I have caused lot of trouble
Because the receipt of reason is limbic
I can’t even memorise
The things I did awhile back
I didn’t fulfil the promises
I vowed to do for the best
But my lunacy denied it
Because it wasn’t my place to fit
Being drastic
And dramatic
It’s the reason why
I went to an antagonism,
Being a hater and pestering
Didn’t agitate my way of living
Because I’m an ambidextrous
My hands work simultaneously
With the physical pain of moving
I didn’t hesitate
To eliminate
The wrong stuff I made
I’m so high
At the lowest corner
Of my mind
Let me grab a nap
Of my snap
As my mementos
And loop my future to one of those
Who are distant in fumble