You string my deepest desires up high
Your soft skin feels like a spring day
Bright and sparkling, come on baby
Let’s dance under the twilight’s breeze
Let’s sin one more time and ride along

Your lips look like wine,
Come on, intoxicate me,
Let’s be flowers
And pull off our petals one by one
I want to see what’s inside

When you move, my feelings touch
The sky, your touch pulls me closer
Tenderly we intertwine slowly and softly
Under serene skies, the bright blue seas

Hold me tight I am falling all over again
For you, come on, pluck my desires
Let our love consume the moment

Let’s roll till dawn,
I want to see the beauty within
Dig your claws in my skin
Let’s swim under the chandelier
Take me to the moon dear
Dim the light, it’s intoxicating
Let the world crash as our companion
Take my heart, caress my soul
Hold me till the morning sun