Share with me your ear
I want to speak to thee
This wisdom so full of cheer
Though it might not enrich thee

Though your world shows no more pride in thee
Do not weaken or be shaken
Be strong and prove it otherwise
Maybe in your greatest triumph their shortfalls shall haunt

‘For whom shall we play?’
I say, for yourself and your country
‘But what profit shall we gain?’
I say, legacy which money faileth to buy

You will be true heroines
True patriotic citizens
For the love of sport and your country
So, should you dedicate

Yes, the whole world will praise thee
The whole world will envy thee
For you fight deep within
No gold nor silver promised to thee

Yes, your legacy will live longer
For you do not take pride in gold
Yet you fight to the end
Surely the whole world will esteem thee

Know, legacy is won with hard work
Hard work yields success
Triumph brings honour and riches
Honour and riches recompense hard work.