There’s a hurting heart
Behind my smile I’m falling apart
Look closely at me and you’ll see
The girl I am isn’t me

I thought I saw it coming but it still hurts
You told me you loved me, yet you left
Personally, I’m a huge fan of ignoring the problem
Until it goes away
But this time it backfired
It seems it’s all a nightmare I can’t wake up from

I still think if you had stayed
And played happy family with us
How would the world turn out for me
Would mom cry about not having money?
Would mom cry about having back pains
Because she’s working hard for us?
Would I be hungry for success?

I’ve been living the past not realising
There is a future ahead of me
I didn’t write this poem to ask questions
That cannot be answered
I wrote it to thank you for abandoning us, your children
For giving me the strength to make my mama proud
For giving me hunger for success
It’s still a hurting heart
But my part isn’t over yet

The feeling of hearing people talk about something
That hurts you deep inside but having to pretend
That you don’t care
They all said it would be better
But I’ve been sad for years.
Yet I’m still smiling
It’s a hurting heart
But it will heal