In anguish we are ripped
From our loved ones
Life’s vanity leaves us in despondency
Agony gives way to hopelessness.
In disbelief we grieve
When in its insanity
Corona hungrily bumper harvests
Souls into its storehouse chambers
Like through heaven’s open doors
Where angels beckon us
Empty and freshly dug graves
Wail and beckon us gravely.
Corina’s Antarctic dry soul
Loathe for more innocent blood
Taking advantage of,
And ravaging those imprisoned by chronic diseases.
As for fame, you operate in pandemic waves
Leaving us without breath-taking memories
But with heart-breaking memories
For on every turn, on every site
A new salutation of life is the sight
Of horror of the new normality
Of newly-born widows and orphans
A grave sight of reality
A painstaking reality
As we, a handful of close relatives
Leave the grave-site
Having paid our last respects and goodbyes
Opening a new page in life
Of historic memories of pain
Caused by this serial killer Corona,
Corona, your endless hunger and thirst
A sure case of insanity
We aren’t sure if you will leave us soon
Or you are here until eternity
Corona…,you have thwarted all our hope