A friend like you is hard to find
and I’m proud to say ‘this friend is mine’
we have so much in common
we know each other by heart

I sincerely hope that we should
Never be apart
Losing a friend like you
Would be like losing my life

Without you I wouldn’t know what to do
For the other part of my life is you

I am glad that we have met
It’s a special moment I will not forget
Friends forever we will be
It’s such a joy to have you with me

A Candle
Live like a candle which burns itself
Yet gives light to others
Look backwards with gratitude
Upwards with confidence
Forward with hope

When you truly care for someone
You don’t look for faults
You don’t look for questions
You don’t look for answers

Instead you fight the mistakes
You accept the faults
You overlook the excuses and you
Take each other to prayer

A gentle reminder that the most
Precious things in life cannot be
Built by hand or bought by a man…

…but can see, hear, touch,
Taste, feel and love

Let’s unite and fight
Against discrimination