From Zambezi to Limpopo
The green pastures are
Always found everywhere
Because of water.

Three quarters of the
Planet earth is covered
With water so is the
Human body.

Water is essential for
Life since no man is
An island. Water comes
In many forms.

The three states of matter
Solid, liquid and gas.

It is liquid when one can pour
It somewhere
It is liquid when one can
wash his body
It is also liquid when one can
Water the plants.

Another state is solid.
This is when it is freezing –
A solid body. In this state,
you cannot drink it

But you can still use it.
Any frozen state is ice
Like ice blocks.

Lastly is gas this is water
Vapour that which is occupying
the atmosphere in particles
That which is invisible
And that which we humans cannot use

Unless converted into solid or liquid
But we still need it in that form.

Where does water come from?
It comes from the ground
And it comes from the sky as rain
Though it is not yet known
Which comes first
But it is certain
It comes from both.

It takes several processes
To change water from one
State to another. Evaporation,
Condensation and sublimation
Hence watercycle.

Evaporation is when water
Changes from a liquid to a
Gas. Condensation is when
Water in the air is changed
Into liquid water and finally

This is the transition from
The solid phase directly to
the gas. Water is a natural
Resource it is a God-given
Gift to mankind.

When it’s raining, the birds sing
The fish jumps up and down in
The midst of the water
Humans prepare to till the ground
Even the ground prepares to
Give birth to evergreen vegetation.
Every creature enjoys it.

Colourless liquid
Colourless solid
Colourless gas
It is called water.