There’s a monster that wants
To take my soul out of me and
I can’t really figure its form.
This monster seems as if it
Doesn’t have anywhere to run
Or to hide and my body has
Become it’s home.

Can someone please help me because
Now I don’t really know who I am!
I seem to have lost myself in the
Chase because with this monster
Inside me sometimes my life is
Just a mess.

Can someone please wipe away these
Tears off my face when I cry sometimes
In those lonely times! This monster
Sometimes cries so loud and it’s tears
Seems to make a long stream.

This monster is under my bed and so
Badly it messes with my head. Help
Me please because I seem to have
Lost myself in the mist please help
Me because I ain’t a beast but just
The best and same as everyone not
Any perfect.

This monster is you because no one
Really knows you but you.