I wanna talk to my woman every second of every day.
I wanna be all over her face every minute.
I wanna vibe with her.
I wanna be able to tell her my deepest secrets
And still be able to joke about it the following day.
I am a vibe and I love stealing kisses from your lips.

For your sake I will conquer any peaks and mountains.
I am ready for anything your soul wants.
When I met you for the first time I realised
That you are my destiny.
That it is with you I must live this life.
It is you who will let me live and not exist.
It’s your love that can save me from sadness.
Your care will always warm me.

To love you means to see the sun through the clouds.
To feel the heat even on cold evenings.
To hear music through the silence.
Giving you the gaze charm and charms.
It sparkles and shines so let it last forever.

Here I am standing in front of you.
Five centimeters from the long-awaited kiss.
Imperious touch of the lips.
Heart palpitations, heat in the lower abdomen.
A kiss on the neck can break the shackles of my heart.