Loving someone
it is so simple, and
it comes easy
yet it goes so fast

My fault is every time
I fall for someone I become
more loving than they do,
and that hurts a lot.

I met someone I loved, and
was loved back, but then
I got jealous every time she gave
someone the very thing she gave me,
I so wish I would no longer fall in love.

Every time I tell myself
I am done, I find myself
Trying again. Will I ever find peace?

Most of us are not jealous,
but our partners make us jealous
then our love or relationship fails.

I so wish everyone would give
their best to their partners
for the sake of love, it doesn’t disappear
It just hides for the circumstances we’re
being put through by those we love.

Let’s embrace what we have
and let’s not allow anyone to ruin
what we have with our lovers!