Love is hard to find
Love, I guess this is one of those things
That I have to do on my own
I have been down and deep under
I have been down some rough patches on the ground
Love is blind and that I knew
Love is fun, that I believed
Love is love, that I know and really know
But what I still do not know and like to someday know
Is why I’m not with you?

Why I’m not happy, happy with just you and only you?
That I do not know
But rest assured for whatever the reason
I forgive you, I always did

Rest assured wherever you are baby,
I love you as I did on that final day of the winter school
Maybe it’s the way we kissed, but I loved
You anyway and anyhow
Love is hard to find, that I can confirm
I went up and under, went down streams
And bumped into thorns
Believe me I did oh I did, just to find you

Just as tall as you are,
My journey wasn’t fun at all.
It was septic and sometimes toxic
Drastic and dramatic, but thanks to it for
It build the caring me and the loving heart
I had held for you.
Those were the secrete ingredients
Of who I am today
The ingredients of my patience and true love just for you
The sources and the foundation
Of my true affection
But the belief in me kept the Heart in me
Going and going until
I got the first chance of my life to stand in
Front of the one I loved entirely
And pour out my heart, totally,
Many hours, talking and telling
I loved you NTHABISENG,
It didn’t matter how tall or short you were
How your face appeared to be pretty or not,
I loved you just the way you were
As I still do up to this day, valentines or no valentines,
Birthday or just another ordinary day,
I love you for who you are
And you are capable of providing
To my incomplete mind and soul, heart and spirit
You made me complete just as you do