Once again I’m lost with no hope of anyone finding me
Mountains closing in on me
Oceans coming together to bury me alive
Feeling I have is such that I wish for no one
Smile I serve out though tears truly want to rush down my chubby cheeks
As sadness clouds my judgement on all that surrounds me

At one stage I crossed the river
Thinking life would be all roses on the river banks
Can I just say it was a stupid move?
Can I just be left alone to reflect?
Can I be locked in my own mind?
Having a battle with my inner being
To decide just how everything will now work out

I was afraid of losing, and being hurt… but no more,
I’ve grown to understand fully that this life is nothing but a play
And I being the starring will surely come out top
Yes I will survive for I am my own person
I need no mirror or anyone to tell me just who and what I could be
The way I feel is beyond the imagined
For me it will serve as no surprise
As to why am I misunderstood by many
Others in different forms

Life for me is nothing but a big theatre play,
While others watch as we ‘Play’
At times it becomes so dramatic that they just fall down to tears
Rolling down their faces like waterfalls
Lord forgive me,
For I am at the end
I know nothing more than that I’m living on borrowed time,
Though at times I foolishly pretend to own this life
A life which could be taken in a blink of an eye

KwaXhosa bathi, “inkomo yenqoma yintsengw’ibheka”
Nam nditsho,
Ilanga linye nakum ubomi bundinqabele,
Ndibe yinto engento,
Umphefumlo wam ulale ngoxolo apho kothi kuthande wena
Nam ndibe ngumfi

By that time I die,
Let there be no regret,
Let me have no doubts as to whether or not,
Have I used my talents to shine the light
Let me at the end die happy and with a smile
Let me die an ‘ARTIST’
Let me die a somebody, but mostly,
Let me die having being the best in ‘me’
For I am the only me
May I live to tell the tale?

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