There are many
songs with silence
in them

Silence is golden
The sound(s) of silence
may be the most known

Stevie Wonder’s Innervisions
gets some turntable play here
in the silence of the afternoon
the quiet a bit deafening

Later I continue reading
facilitated by the quiet
of my tracking device

Hear the rainbow sing
was a gift to the school
from the CT Central Library’s
Friends of the Library

a piano-playing young boy
he gone deaf after an illness
wonders about the quiet
around him

the quiet of the butcher’s
gets him thinking
of a tone poem

A Butcher’s Symphony
orchestral music he muses
illustrating or evoking
the butchery’s goings-on

Planet Earth’s quiet
a Lockdown Symphony
COVID-19 the conductor

Though in the quiet
eery as some have it
much light has come

Saturday eve (May 2), Lockdown Day 2 Level 4; Chris Pelser’s little book gets me.