Youth Day
The day to be remembered
The day never to be forgotten
The day to be written on a diary
That even a grandchild that is not born would know.

Youth Day
That’s when the youth of this country was tired
That’s when the youth marched for their rights
That’s when the youth decided to fight for themselves
not letting anyone else fight for them.

Youth Day
Tyres were all over the streets – burned.
Broken glass on the streets.
Blood all over the streets.
I wonder whose blood that was.

What did we do
that made them hate us very much?
What did we do
that made them treat us like animals?

Were they trying to threaten us?
Were they trying to make us scared?
So that they could take all the land
And get everything done their way.

Are we not created by the same person?
Are we not humans, as they are?
When I last checked, we were all human –
just separated by our different complexion.

What did they gain?
Instead of them gaining,
the youth of today sees us as heroes of that day.
16 June – it will always be remembered.