In a land far, far away, there was a girl named after her grandmother, Namhla. She lived with her parents and no one else at home; she was the only child. When the time for Namhla to get married came, she refused. Her parents insisted, but she didn’t understand why they wanted to marry her to another man.

To avoid tension she decided to leave home. It was night time, one of those rainy, dark, cold, scary nights. Namhla had no one she could talk to, she didn’t even have a shelter for the night. As she walked past the local shop she started hearing different voices; that’s where her fear started. The voices sounded familiar but she didn’t quite know where she knew the voices from. The voices became louder and louder and she when looked behind, a guy was following her.

Guy: Hey! Intombazana efana nawe ifunani estratweni ngelixesha (What is a girl like you doing in these streets at this time?)

Namhla: You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you my story.

Guy: No I insist that you tell me.

Namhla: I don’t have a place to stay, I left home.

Guy: Why would someone leave their home?

Namhla: (Starts crying) My parents want to marry me to someone I don’t know, someone I don’t love. How can they do that?

Guy: I’m sorry. Uhmm… where are my manners, my name is Sphiwe.

Namhla: Ndingu Namhla.

Guy: Namhla wow what a nice name. You can sleep at my house tonight.

As they went to the Sphiwe’s house they were talking non-stop. Namhla suddenly felt comfortable with Sphiwe, he was quite great company.

Namhla: So where is your house from here?

Sphiwe: Just three blocks away.

Namhla: Ohh, wait did you say three blocks away?

Sphiwe: Yes.

Namhla: Oh good you are Sphiwe Shabalala?

Sphiwe: Yes.

Namhla: Oh God you mean I’m spending the night at the Shabalala house.

Sphiwe smiled preciously.

Namhla was so excited to be spending the night at the Shabalala house; she couldn’t even hide her joy. As they arrived at the Shabalala house Namhla was so surprised to see such a big house. She had never been to the Shabalala house before, she had only heard about it.

Sphiwe’s mom was so nice to her. She was so kind to Namhla and Namhla felt like she found a family, until she fell for Sphiwe. When she was around Sphiwe her heart skipped a beat. Sphiwe never realised that Namhla had a crush on him, but one day Namhla came clean to Sphiwe.

Namhla: We have to talk.

Sphiwe: Now I’m worried.

Namhla: Don’t be. I’m very thankful for your kindness. You know in the past few days you and your family have been so good to me, you treated me like I’m someone important.

Sphiwe: But you are important.

Namhla: Please let me finish. (Takes a breath) For the past few days I’ve been developing feelings for you.

Sphiwe: (Smiles excitedly) You have?

Namhla: Yes and I hope that this doesn’t affect our friendship.

Sphiwe: No not at all. I have something to tell you too.

Namhla: You do?

Sphiwe: Yes, but I was just scared to tell you because I thought that you would say I’m taking advantage of you.

Namhla: I love you .

Sphiwe: I love you more baby.

Months later Namhla was confirmed pregnant with twins and she was so excited. She and Sphiwe went to buy clothes for the baby, but Namhla got shot. The babies survived, but Sphiwe was never heard from again.

After 16 years the twins grew up and never got to hear about their parents. They only knew Sphiwe’s parents as their parents.



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