Cast of characters

Lindelani: Chloe and Lwethu’s father
Chloe: Lindelani’s second child
Lwethu: Lindelani’s first child
Sanele: Lindelani’s girlfriend
Zethu: Lwethu’s friend
Rilley: Chloe’s friend
Mr karina: Lwethu’s teacher
Mrs Smith: Chloe’s teacher

(It is early morning. Lwethu is covered by warm blanket and duvet. It has been two
months since her mother’s death.)

Lindelani: (softly) Lwethu, wake up.

Lwethu: I am tired daddy. I want to sleep.

Lindelani:(Pulls off the duvet,) Vuka Lwethu. Go and take a bath, so you can get ready for school.

(Lwethu wakes up and takes a bath with her sister. After they finished bathing they go down the stairs to have some breakfast)

Chloe: Daddy, today at school we are doing reading.

Lwethu: Yes daddy, it’s reading day for the whole school.

Lindelani: Okay girls, I hope you know how to read.

Lwethu: (Laughs) Yes daddy.

Chloe: Obviously, we know how to read. (Laughs as well)

Lindelani: I am joking. Let’s get going guys.

(They all take their bags and go to the car. They get to school. Lwethu is doing grade six and Chloe is doing grade five.)

Chloe: Bye daddy.

Lindelani: Bye Chloe, see you later.

(Lwethu is standing with her friends and doesn’t say goodbye to her father.)

Chloe: Lwethu, what wrong with you? Why are you not saying goodbye to Daddy?

Lwethu: Oh, sorry dad.

Lindelani: Bye.

(Lwethu and her friends walk into their class.)

Zethu: Girlfriend, today it’s reading day.

Lwethu: Yeah, I know, I know and it is boring.

Zethu: Yeah.

(Mr Karina enters the class and says good morning to the class.)

Mr Karina: Class as you all know, today is reading day.

Students: Yes sir!

Zethu: Sir, reading is boring.

Mr Karina: What is boring about reading?

Students: We don’t know Sir.

Zethu: Yes we don’t know Mr Karate.

Mr Karina: Karina! Not Kara what what.

(The students giggle while they all read their books)

(Chloe’s class)

Rilley: Friend, are you ready for today’s reading?

Chloe: Yes friend.

Rilley: Okay.

(Their teacher gives them books to read)

Mrs Smith: Chloe did you like your book?

Chloe: Yes ma’am. My book is about a little girl who likes to read.

Mrs Smith: Okay class, on Monday we are going to write a test, so prepare yourselves.

Students: Okay ma’am.

(It’s after school Chloe and her friends are walking out of their class to look for her sister. Their father comes to fetch them from school. They all get into the car.)

Chloe: Hi daddy.
Lindelani: Hi girl, how was your day?

Chloe: Good.
Lindelani: Okay.


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