(It’s Friday, the day set by Sipho, Zinhle, Hlanhla and Morris, to go buy clothes for the Saturday event at the mall.)

Sipho: Okay, ladies, so which store are you going to buy your outfits?

Hlanhla: I say Foschini.

Zinhle: I’m with you there, friend.

Morris: Okay, no problem girls, let’s go to Foschini, and then you can accompany us to Kurt Geiger.

Sipho: But I’d be happy if we had lunch first, thank you!

Morris: Oh ,I forgot you’re an earthworm; always eating mgani.

Sipho: (laughing) Hey ntlogele wena… Leave me

Hlanhla: Wimpy is just around the corner, guys, let’s go eat.

(After lunch at Wimpy, they went to Foschini.)

Sipho: So ladies, are you worth more than R3 000, for just one night?

Hlanhla: Baby, that’s too much!

Morris: No, not at all ladies, here use my card.

Zinhle: You’re such a gentleman, thanks, motho.

Sipho: Okay ladies, enough with the charms, let’s go home.

Zinhle: Home? I thought we were going to KG.

Sipho: Not anymore, babe. Morris and I are okay, we’ll wear our old

Morris:He’s right guys, we’re okay. As long we bought something for you everything is cool.

(They went home)

What do you think about Morris and Sipho?