(It’s Tuesday morning and Hlanhla calls Zinhle to invite her to the festival,
as planned.)

Zinhle: (phone’s ringing) Oh, it’s Hlanhla, hello my love.

Hlanhla: Hello, baby, guess what?

Zinhle: Well, I can’t guess unless you give me a clue.

Hlanhla: Well, Themba and Morris are planning to go to the music festival on Saturday, and they want to take us with them.

Zinhle: (screaming) Wow, you can’t be serious?

Hlanhla: I am! So we’re going, right?

Zinhle: Yeah, we are going! But whoa, you and Sipho will be kissing, I hope the pressure doesn’t push me straight into Morris’s arms.

Hlanhla: (laughing) We’ll see about that. I have to go, I love you, friend.

Zinhle: Bye, chommy, I love you more.

Do you think that anything is going to happen between Morris and Zinhle?