(At Ruddy’s house.)

Ruddy: (Speaking to himself.) I tried searching everywhere to find Raymond’s secret power and strength, but I did not find anything. He said to me that he eats brown beans with brown bread, but he lied. He is just too lucky. He is my best friend and I like him very much, but on some days I become jealous of him, but I don’t know why. I am after his talent and future. Where did he get this talent? I got this from my blood. My father was a champion. He has cups and medals in my office. He ran interntional marathons and left me with a money and a business. He died the past nine month, and before I forget, let me check his safe. There is a will in there, and I want to read it. Let me see what is written on it.

(He reads the will.)

My second boy child …”

Ruddy: What the hell is written on this paper? What does that mean?

(He continues reading.)

Your mother died a painful death …”

Ruddy: (Angry and crying.) Why didn’t dad tell me this?

(He continues reading.)

You are my second son from my second wife. My first born son ranaway with his mother after I tried killing them both. They did not want to stay together. They always fought with dangerous weapons in my house, so I decided to kill them because I realised I had done a big mistake of not loving them equally and not giving them true love …

Ruddy: (Sounding angry.) Damn you, dad.

(He continues reading.)

Your brother’s name is Raymond Rasik. He is two year older than you. Rasik is his mother’s surname. He has a tattoo on his left rib, and that is where his luck lies. He will always be number one everywhere, and yours is number two under your right rib. That means you will always be number two everywhere. Let me touch mine to find out if it is true.”

Ruddy: (He searches in his father’s safe.) Whose photo is this? It’s Ray when he was young. Ray is my brother from the same father. (He cries.) We are one blood. Where is my gun? I want to kill myself.

(Sammy enters the room.)

Sammy: Stop Ruddy, stop it.

Ruddy: (Crying.) Leave me alone, Sammy. I have sined, just like my father did. Take a look at that photo and paper.

Sammy: (Shocked.) It’s Raymond when he was young. He is your brother. Oh my God, why keep such a secret?

Ruddy: (Holding a gun.) Yes, he is my real brother, and I cheated with you for so long. I want to end my life right now.

Sammy: No, no Rud, you better go tell Ray about this. He will forgive you and start a new life and become one family with you.

Ruddy: How is Ray going to trust and believe me?

Sammy: Very simple. I’m on your side. I will go with you and support you. He trusts me and he will believe me.

Ruddy: There is no need to go with you. You are the worst part of my life Sammy. I will kill both of us.

Tell us: What do you think is going to happen next?