(It is during the race, and for about 15km, Ruddy is in positin one.)

Ruddy: (Breathing hard.) Yes, my enemy is far from me. I have to run faster, but the drugs I took this morning are causing me to be drauzy. Let me take one bottle of Powerade. I’m thirsty, but today is my day. I am going to attract more suppoters. I’m the winner for the 20km race. He is not even close to me, which means my plan is working very well.

Sammy and Delvon: (Shouting together.) What’s wrong with you Ray? Come on, come on, pick up your pace, the time is gone.

Delvon: (Screaming noisly.) Yes, yes, that’s how I trained you my boy. Fight, fight for your position. This tittle is yours, no one will take it from you. Do not get worried about your past. This boy makes me happy and proud, but I do not care that much about you Rud. You stay there in position one for now, but be careful, Ray is coming after you.

Sammy: (Shouting.) Pour more fire Ray, I love, even if I cheated on you.

Delvon: Hey, you girl, you have no manners. What the hell are you saying? Are you cheating on Ray? I heard you, and I’m going to tell Ray.

Sammy: Please, please sir, don’t do that. Ray will kill me. It’s a secret between me and Ruddy.

Delvon: You little witch. Why would you do such a bad thing between two close friend?

Sammmy: I’m sorry, sir.

(Sammy and Delvon clap their hands for Ray when he overtakes Ruddy like a car overtaking a lorry.)

Ruddy: (Angry at himself.) Why did I let you pass me like that “rat”? You are putting me down, can’t you see. Look at how far I am from reaching you boy, and the journey is so close to ending, which means I have lost again.

Raymond: (He huggs and kisses Sammy and the coach after the race.) Thanks a lot for the support, and the good work done by you coach.

Ruddy: (Even more angry while alone.) I don’t want to talk to anybody, including coach. I just want to go home. Today, Sammy and Ray are not going to travel with my car. They will use public transport.

Tell us: Do you think Ruddy will ever win again Raymond?