(It is the following morning at Ruddy’s company. There are sounds of a welder, a grinder, and other machines in the background. Then there is a knock on Ruddy’s door.)

Ruddy: Come in.

Kruger: Morning sir, I am warrant officer Kruger.

Ruddy: Morning warrant officer Kruger, you are welcome to take a seat. Would you accept coffe or tea?

Kruger: (Sits down.) Thank you for the seat, but I’m not here to visit or drink tea.

Ruddy: So, what are you here for? Because everthing is in order here in my company, and my employees are not thieves.

Kruger: What brought me here is my job.

Ruddy: Your job in my office? I never hired you, and I don’t have space for you. Tell me, how did you pass through my tight security? What is your job description?

Kruger: Are you a teacher? You ask me so many questions, but I will answer you. My work is to arrest those who disobey the law, and your security let me in just like you did, and because they know I am not a robber, thief, or any other thing like that.

Ruddy: I will ask you for the second time, what brings you here?

Kruger: I am here to do my investigation.

Ruddy: Investigation?

Kruger: Yes, I’m here to investigate about a car owner and the person who was driving it during an incident. Its registration is MB 778 FS.

Ruddy: How do you know that the person who was driving the car was not the owner, because there was no one there, and the police came after their time.

Kruger: Technology told and showed us. It means you were there and you saw the incident.

Ruddy: Yes, but I was there to observe. Who is this “technology” guy that is lying to you?

Kruger: This guy, “technology”, works with us. He is always trustful and his eyes are never closed. He never sleeps, and he makes our work simple and easy. So please tell me, which car were you driving during that incident?

Ruddy: I was driving my luxury car, but that one with the number plate MB 778 FS is not mine.

Kruger: Hmmmm! Your luxury car? You have so many, isn’t that so? Where was your administrator and his car on that day?

Ruddy: He was on a day off, but his car was here.

Kruger: A day off, but his car was driven by a ghost.

Ruddy: No, no, please sir, I mean now he is off, but on that day he was at work.

Kruger: Let me tell you, I am here to arrest both the owner of the car and the driver.

Ruddy: Oh my God, my work is going to be disturbed.

Kruger: I do not have a choice, we follow the law.

Ruddy: Please sir, do not arrest him. I will pay you a bribe of ten thousands rands right now.

Kruger: (Unbelieving.) What? Say that again?

Ruddy: Calm down. I mean I will pay you ten thousand now to keep the secret and cancel the case.

Kruger: (Whispering.) Okay, okay, I am calmed down. You can give it to me now.

Ruddy: (Counting the money.) One, two, three, five thousands, and ten thousands. That’s it, take it and never come here again.

(Kruger takes the money and gets out of the door.)

Tell us: Do you think the case will ever be solved and the truth will ever come out?