(It is at the hospital.)

Raymond: (Opens his eyes.) Why am I here? Why are there so many people around me? What happened with my leg? (He criess) Sammmy, what happened, because I ended up visiting you at your house and you were not there.

(Sammy, Delvon, Ruddy, and others start criying.)

Ruddy: (Speaking in his heart.) I’m not crying as they think, but I’m happy because I’m holding the tittle next month. I’m in a hurry to hear the Doctor’s decision.

Doctor: The good news is that Ray is not injured at all. It’s just scratch marks, which means he is still going to be able to participate in the coming marathon, and he will be discharged today.

Delvon and others: That’s wonderful news.

Ruddy: (Speaking in his heart.) Why are you discharging this guy doc? Oh, my plan failed. What am I going to do if the police find out it was me who did this? I will be disqualified from the marathon.

Tell us: What do you think is going to happen next?