(It is at night at Ruddy’s house, and he is preparing himself for bed.)

Ruddy: (Sitting alone and exited.) Oh! Thank God thay all my plans went the way I planed them. You answered my prayer. Today I fell in love with Ray’s girlfriend. It will give me a good chance to destroy his future. I will use Sammy to do so. My work will be easier that way. Before I forget, let me call coach.

(Rudy picks up the phone and calls coach.)

Delvon: (Answers phone.) Delvon speaking, how can I help you?

Ruddy: Hey! Coach, it’s Rud speaking, howzit?

Delvon: I’m okay my boy, how are you?

Ruddy: I’m fine and happy. Tell me, how was your day today at practice?

Delvon: (Laughs a little.) Everything went well, may bla. I punished him hard today and shouted at him.

Ruddy: (Laughs loudly on the phone.) Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! I heard about that.

Delvon: Who told you? When and where?

Ruddy: His girlfriend told me today when they came back from training. I gave her a lift, and we also fell in love.

Delvon: Really? I don’t believe this. Congratulations, may bla, but do not forget to pay me my money because I did my my work. Again, you must not forget to come to practice on Friday. We are preparing for a big marathon that is coming up soon. Is that clear?

Ruddy: Yes it is. I will do so, coach, and do I deposit your money into the same account?

Delvon: Yes, you are right.

Ruddy: I hope this time around I win the tittle. I mean position one.

Delvon: Let’s hope so. Bye.

Tell us: What do you think about the fact that Delvon and Ruddy are trying to ruin Raymond’s career?