(On the road in the car.)

Ruddy: What happened between coach and Ray at training today?

Sammy: Nothing happened. Why are you asking?

Ruddy: Ag, just to know.

Sammy: Before I answer you, tell me where you were today.

Ruddy: Well, um! You know, Sammy, I’m a businessman, so I was busy with it.

Sammy: Okay, did you report to coach that you were going to be absent?

Ruddy: Um! No, YES, YES, I did report it to him, but please tell me what happened at practice today.

Sammy: Remember, you were off for three days and your supporters are worried, including coach.

Ruddy: I know that, but tell me what happened.

Sammy: Why are you so concerned with today’s friction?

Ruddy: Let me know Sammy, please.

Sammy: Yes, it was …

Ruddy: (Curiously.) Come on, what happened Sammy? I’m hungry for the news.

Sammy: Let me tell you. Coach was shouting at Raymond, and he punished him hard because of me.

Ruddy: (Laughing.) Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Sammy: (Sounding annoyed.) Why are you laughing? Are you excited about that? Stop laughing and feel sorry for him. Hey! Ruddy, look out for the traffic. Do you want to kill us?

Ruddy: I’m sorry Sammy. I never meant to annoy you, but tell me, do you still love Raymond, even if he does not have money?

Sammy: Look here Ruddy, Raymond is my boyfriend, no matter how poor he is. I have fair and true love for him.

Ruddy: I hear your point, but you must know one important thing, I, I …

Sammy: You what?

Ruddy: I really need someone like you. I like you, Sammy. I have feelings for you, and you are so beautiful.

Sammy: What? What the hell are you telling me? You are very close friends with Raymond, so now this?

Ruddy: I am sorry Sammy, but truly speaking, I love you. Remember, love is love, no matter to who you are close to.

Sammy: I am confused. What will happened if Ray knows about this? I’m afraid.

Ruddy: It is simple and as easy as abc. It will be our secret.

Sammmy: Until when?

Ruddy: Until death or we separate. I promise.

(They kiss each other. Sammy then goes out of the car, slams the car door, and Ruddy drives off.)

Tell us: What do you think about the fact that Rubby wants to be in a relationship with his best friend’s girlfriend?